Positive vibes

Is it just me or everyone sees the positive side of everything? And I think that is what keeps a person motivated, to keep on going against all the odds.

It’s very easy to give up and accept the fate. But I believe, this is the only life we get and everyday we are getting more close to the end. Then why to go the easy way, why accept whatever we just have and haven’t earned.

I read somewhere that fear is what keeps us going and once we lose that fear, we lose ourselves somewhere and get deviated from our goals.

So find your motivation- what is the one thing that has made you do things in order to stay on the path of following your goals. Even if you have constantly been getting distracted by other things, try to find that one thing that is inside you and keeping you motivated.


Friends are something so special if true from the heart. Friends are people with whom we can talk about things close to our heart. They fill that emptiness inside us which even lovers cannot fulfill.

I am a person who have always believed in choosing quality over quantity. My circle have always been small. Be it family, friends or even enimies, I have always had my favourites, the chosen ones out of the lot.

I have always been a loner, but I love to be with people too, only the close ones, the ones chosen by the heart. These are the people my heart instantly connected with and there was no turning back.

I want to dedicate this blog to those very close friends in my life which I have came across in my life so far. The friends I made at different stages of my life and still connected.

Life is better with friends. I have learnt that in order to have good friends, we should know how to be a friend. I believe in being ones very own best friend.

So the ultimate mantra is to be your own friend. Once we start being there for ourselves always in every situation, we start to see goodness in others and learn how to be a good friend.